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Our Vision

New Connections Of Kalamazoo Is All about Helping Our Youth Find Jobs

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Our organization ensures that a range of workforce development placements and opportunities that are responsive to the local labor market are available to youth.

Academic Achievement

Help participants understand the importance of academic success and the role that high school and post-secondary education play within the context of career development.

Workforce Readiness

Ensure that high school youth can access the workforce development programs that are able to address their unique needs while building their workforce and career related skills.

Develop a Pipeline

Develop a pipeline of job ready local youth who can help satisfactorily fill job openings in the Kalamazoo and greater southwest Michigan region.

Our Courses


Some of the other classes need construction’s assistance To kick-start their learning.After six weeks of training, construction students can become employed in framing jobs

Plumbing & Pipefitting

There are times when students will go with their Instructor(s) to commercial sites and work, and… they are compensated. Students also learn how to read blueprints

Basic Building Maintenance

Learn basic maintenance and what it takes to maintain a building with our courses

Fashion Design

Want to learn about making clothes? Our Fashion design program could be for you


Students are hungry when they come after school, and for several reasons. Chef and his classes keep everyone well fed!


After students complete a section of in-class training, they visit a live site to complete an installation where they demonstrate the learned skill


Students earned an average of $400 working three weeks during summer 2021 Through contracts NCK established with local businesses.

T-Shirt Printing

Learn to create and put prints on t-shirts the way you want

Urban Farming

Learn how to properly plant, and take care of growing crops and livestock. Partake in growing crops for our Thanksgiving baskets!

Nail Tech

Learn everything you’ll need to know about being a nail tech


Learn how to become a professional painter

Our community’s workforce is one of the most valuable asset it possesses

Its ability to produce and reproduce knowledge and skill development is the fire that ignites the engines of:

  • Education
  • Business
  • Industry
  • Society

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How can you help us get students enrolled to take advantage of these great opportunities?

  • Students in grades 8 – 12
  • Training is provided by licensed or certified professionals
  • There is no letter grade requirement
  • Training is 6 week for each trade skill
  • Academic tutoring is provided 4:30p – 5:30p
  • Students also are CPR certified and receive
  • Community social work liaison on site
  • Financial Wellness coaching
  • Internal and external security cameras
  • There is no cost – it FREE

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What Students Saying

I really enjoyed my Urban Farming trade; I learned a valuable skill that I believe will help me in my future
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Akeela B
I really enjoyed my urban farming class! because learned new information about how to grow certain plants indoors and which one lasted and which ones failed and succeeded
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Nakirra M
This program was extremely fun! it taught me a lot of things like how to bake pies and how to make noodles from scratch in Culinary. It also taught me how to wire a 3-way light bulb in my electrical trade It also gave me a certificate in CPR
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Equipping Our Youth To Do For Themselves


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